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Ada Fritz (1873-?) who married, robert Price in 1893 to become, mrs. He told the audience that the watch was stuck in his stomach, and that he would have to cut his act short. According to a June 25 1907 Pittston Gazette article, " Mrs. The Wilkes-Barre Record dated October 26, 1897 reported, "Last night a surprise party was given by Mrs. Fritz discovered that she had been injured, and was taken to the Receiving Hospital and later to the County Hospital, and according to doctors, she is in a serious condition." In 1916, Delno Fritz and Maud ldin were featured as sword swallowers on the John.

Delno Fritz was also a personal friend of Harry Houdini, who in his 1920 book "The Miracle Mongers", wrote about Fritz, " Delno Fritz was not only an excellent sword-swallower, but a good showman as well. Delno Fritz, internationally known eater of steel, has come to Los Angeles to settle down after years with circuses and carnivals. The last time I saw him he was working the 'halls' in England. Fernandez 1922: May 2: Lihue, Hawaii with.K. Horn trained birds, DE fritz and maud churchill, sword swallowers, emma brown, spotted girl, rose callahan, bearded lady." Another article from the Sept 2, 1894 New York Sun reports performing at Huber's 14th. Fritz was ordered to the ballyhoo and while the circus crowd looked on, he swallowed not only one but several swords. In 1896, Delno Fritz was featured as the sword swallower with Barnum and Bailey Circus. According to family stories, in the 1920's, when his niece Edna wanted to go out on a date with someone that "Uncle Delno" did not approve of, Edna would hide his wooden leg in order to make her escape. On May 8, 1895, Delno Fritz was featured at Clark Street Dime Museum in Chicago. Museum in New York with Eli Bowen the legless wonder.

Wonderland Museum in Scranton, PA fritz ' first known performance as a fire eater and sword swallower Sept 6, 1892 and. According to the October 25, 1917 Pittston Gazette, "The World's Greatest Sword Swallowers Maude D'Auldin and Delno Fritz in the Most Wonderful Act Before the American Public Today!" at Dreamland Theatre, Pittston,. He traveled with circus after circus and then accompanied Barnum Bailey on a tour of Europe. He first tried to force lead pencils down his throat, and finding it difficult, hoaxed his parents into believing he had a sore throat and had them use a spoon during the examination as mothers do when their children are afflicted. But last night, after she had swallowed and then pulled a long sword from her throat, Mrs. In those days, the people believed sword swallowing a hoax, but such is not the case. He went so far as to swallow watches, rods with electric bulbs attached, sharp, long swords, and repeatedly appeared before scientists who heard the watches ticking, saw the gleam of light through his throat and recognized it as real. Barnes Circus with Edna Price 1923: Ringling Brothers, Barnum Bailey Circus with Edna Price 1924: April 9: Ringling Brothers, Barnum Bailey Circus with Edna Price 1924: Dec 7: Opens sword swallowing school at World Museum Los Angeles 1924-25: Films "Unholy Three", "Man Who Laughs" 1925.

He seems to be growing younger day by day. Robert Price on his death certificate. According to the May 20, 1911 New York Clipper, Delno Fritz and Maud D'Auldin, performed as sword swallowers with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in 1911. Fritz is a devoted cyclist, and something of an amateur baseball player." During this time, Fritz was known for swallowing a bayonet attached to a rifle, which when fired, would drive the sword down his throat. On September 28, 1895 a drawing of "Chevalier Fritz" was featured in the Cincinnati Enquirer dated Septmeber 28, 1895.

An article dated September 12, 1895 reports that "Chevalier Fritz" swallowed ticking watches and eleven swords at once at Austin and Stone's Museum in Boston. It should be added that the solidity of the weapon with which the feat is performed is beyond question." During the winters from December of 1897 to April of 1898, and December of 1898 to April of 1899, Barnum and Bailey Circus wintered at Stoke-on-Trent. At present he is enrolling his classes at the World Museum, opposite the Rosslyn Annex on Main street, where he is also giving demonstrations in the art to curious spectators." Apparently Fritz ' time in Los Angeles California landed him some movie roles in Hollywood. He smiled as he passed the watch back to its owner, and said he hoped it would keep as good time as before. He is the prince of sword swallowers, and he does not expect his swallowing will ever lead him to a "cure as his wonderful throat does not suffer at all from the tax he puts upon.

He has been a long-time attraction at the London Aquarium where he acquired the name of the human ostrich. Delno Fritz was perhaps one of the greatest showmen that Luzerne County ever produced; a man who followed the trail of canvas and sawdust from coast to coast and into every civilized country on the globe. Barnes Circus during the 19easons, and with Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus in 19According to ship's records, Delno Fritz departed on the ship "Manao" from San Francisco, California on December 7, 1921, and arrived in Honolulu Hawaii on December 14, 1921. The father swore that he heard Maud say in the presence of her husband that she was locked in a room in Boston without food for three days and three nights (Sept 9-12, 1895?) and had to pawn her watch and opera glasses to keep. William Sherman Fritz, internationally known in the vaudeville and circus worlds as Delno Fritz, formerly of Ashley, died yesterday afternoon at 1:15 o'clock in Wyoming Valley Homeopathic Hospital after a ten weeks' illness.

In August and September 1893, Delno Fritz was featured as the fire eater. Humphreys 's Wilkes-Barre Mandolin Club furnished the music and there were many of Delano 's friends from all over the valley present." On March 10, 1898, the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal published a story called "Two Curious Freaks" which was taken from the Feb. According to the April 25-26, 1910 US Census of the Norris Rowe Circus during its 2 day stay in Louisville, KY, Delno Fritz was working in 1910 with the Greater Norris Rowe Circus, he was 39 years old, and had been married for 11 years. An article in the Los Angeles Times dated Feb 1, 1916 states, " Mrs. According to an 1898 review in Gaillard's Medical Journal (Volumes 68-69, page 286 "One of the entertainers, whose name is Delno Fritz, is a sword swallower, and asserts that he can swallow longer swords than have ever been swallowed before. 2, 1894: " Huber's 14th. During recent years his partner has been his niece, Miss Edna Price, of this city.

The Hippodrome, goal of all performers, threw open its doors and Fritz appeared there for a long time, amazing the New Yorkers. In 1920, Fritz 's wife Maude D'Auldin died from a sword swallowing accident caused by a nicked blade during a command performance onboard a ship before the King and Queen of England. Fritz also borrows watches from persons in the audience, and they slip into his stomach as easily as the swords. Following his return to America, he continued to follow the circus life until he was taken ill of pleurisy in Philadelphia ten weeks ago. His first appearance, at the age of 11, was made with his father, for Fritz inherits his peculiar appetite, his father having been a famous swallower of swords, walking-sticks, and umbrellas. They were married in City Hall, New York in 1894, and she now desires a separation because of alleged cruelty. According to the October 21, 1922 Billboard : " Delno Fritz, well known sword swallower, who recently completed an eight months' engagement in Honolulu and the Hawaiian Islands, under the management. While touring in Scotland in 1897, Delno Fritz met his future wife, Maude. At the age of 11, Delno Fritz lost a leg while hopping a freight train in Wilkes-Barre, PA, so he wore a wooden leg and walked with a cane the rest of his life.

Fritz then taught sword swallowing to his 21 year old niece Edna Price around 1920. De Aldine." On October 25, 1897, a farewell party was thrown in Ashley, PA for "Sword Swallower Smith" before Fritz left to join Barnum Bailey Circus in Europe according to the October 26, 1897 Wilkes-Barre Evening News. Some of the razor-edged weapons which Delno Fritz thrusts down his throat are long enough to penetrate several inches beyond the stomach. Seeking photos, dates, and more information. 1925 in Wilkes-Barre, PA 1925: Buried July. When he was reprimanded, he said he could do as he pleased with her, kill her if he wanted. It is the chevalier's custom to borrow a watch and chain from someone in the audience when he does the act. Fritz assisted her husband in his act, that of sword swallower and fire eater." According to the October 3, 1908 Billboard : " Delno Fritz, sword swallower, with the Miller Brothers 101 Ranch, will return to Europe at the close of the present season.

Francis Fritz (38 years of age) who makes her living by shoving swords down her throat at Brook's Museum,. The chevalier is attended at each performance by a very handsome woman, Mlle. According to circus route books, Fritz and Price performed together with the. ( Greater Norris Rowe Circus operated from 1902 until May 9, 1910, when, due to "Bad weather, poor business, salaries and debts unpaid, show attached, shipped to Peru, Indiana, where it was sold in lots by the Peru Trust Co " Col. Fritz was the son of the late Nathan and Martha Fritz of Ashley, and at the age of eleven lost a leg on Ashley planes. But Fritz was gritty. Some reports indicate Fritz had developed a case of pneumonia that developed as a result of a screw that came loose and lodged in his lung while testing a bronchoscope for doctors in Philadelphia Pennsylvania that developed into pleurisy. It may be caused by the recent purchase of a toupee that fits so well that it looks natural, which is rather unusual." On February 2, 1912, Delno Fritz and Maude.

A physician was sent for, and with a long pair of forceps he extracted the watch from the man's stomach. Delno Fritz was also featured in the film "The Man Who Laughs" ( photo ) that was released in 1928. While in Europe, the late Queen Victoria commanded the amazing American to appear before her and the royal family. They heard her scream, and rushing in, found Fritz choking her. I hope he saved his money, for he was a clean man with a clean reputation, and, I can truly say, he was a master in his manner of indulging his appetite for the cold steel." Fritz had family in the UK, as his mother. 1925, Delno Fritz died in his Wilkes-Barre home on 311 South Street from a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 54 according to information provided by his sister Mrs. William "Delno" Sherman Fritz (1871-1925) was born on February 16, 1871 in Ashley, Luzerne County, Wilkes-Barre, PA, one of 17 children of the family. In December 1895, Delno Fritz was again featured in the curio hall of the Ninth and Arch Museum in Philadelphia, according to an article in the December 15, 1895 Philadelphia Times : " Delno Fritz, who is beyond question, the most daring and versatile. spa borås swedish teen tube

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Spa borås swedish teen tube While performing together sometime between September and November 12, 1894, sword swallower Delno Fritz married 16-year-old actress Maud Churchill at the New York City Hall. He has made arrangements to furnish an attraction for the Waverly Market Annual Winter Fair at Edinborough, Scotland." According to a Janurary 23, 1909 article : Performing at the Star Rink in Chanute Kansas on January 25, 1909: " Maud DeAulden and Delno Fritz. Robert Price, mother of sword swallower. Sultan's Retreat in New York.
spa borås swedish teen tube While ill here at the residence of his sister, Mrs. Floyd in Scranton, PA according to an article in the Scranton Republican dated April 17, 1896, and the April 16, 1896 Scranton Tribune : " William. A startling climax to his act is the firing of a heavily loaded gun, balanced upon a sharp bayonet, which rests in Fritz ' interior." According to an article in the February 4, 1896 Scranton Republican, " Maud Fritz, better known locally as Maud Churchill. The bride, though only 18 years old, was divorced on March 9, 1896 from William Fritz, an actor, who ill-treated and abandoned her, making her condition intolerable and life a burden. Later in 1912, Delno Fritz and Maud D'Auldin or Mlle. He appeared before many of the Europe's nobility and during his stay in Europe, operated several theatres. Rather it is a bonafide act. He was the son of the late Nathan and Martha Fritz, of 27 Green Street, Ashely. Edwards is a conductor in the employ of the Scranton Traction company, and lived at 520 North Bromley avenue." According to an article dated February 9, 1896 in the New York Times, " Delmo Fritz " performed at Huber's 14th. A great production, curio halls, hindoo giants 8 feet tall, prince tinymite, 19 years old and 21 inches high, michael Strong Man, Prof.

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